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Author Topic: Pancake Jesus,anyone?  (Read 8868 times)


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Pancake Jesus,anyone?
« on: April 24, 2014, 03:15:18 am »

A restaurant owner in Norco, California celebrated an especially magnificent Good Friday last week when Jesus Christ showed up in a fresh stack of pancakes.

KCAL 9 reports, the Lord and Savior's appearance stunned the woman who discovered him:

Karen Hendrickson, the owner of Cowgirl Café, said a server initially noticed the biblical figure show up in the breakfast favorite on Good Friday. "He's got a mustache and a beard, and it looks like he's got a *receding hairline here," she said.

Hendrickson said the night before the pancake showed up on the grill, she asked God for something. "I said, 'Dear God, please just continue to look over the Cowgirl Café,'" she said.

Employee Edgar Ceja also sees the image of Jesus. "I did see the face. To me, it's impressive because it was on Good Friday, and I don't really see that very often," he said.

While some people see Jesus, others think the face resembles other figures. "Some people can see Jesus. Some people are saying it looks like Abraham Lincoln or a hillbilly. Some people are even saying it looks like Charles Manson," Hendrickson said.

Regardless, the pancake is being saved in the freezer. "He's still on the same plate he was when he was put up on the window," Hendrickson said. "I plan on keeping Jesus on this plate and preserving him so I can share him with everybody."

*receding hairline as in?  anyare sa locks/ombre hair ?:D