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Author Topic: how to recover lost notes in a mac due to error?  (Read 5327 times)


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how to recover lost notes in a mac due to error?
« on: October 29, 2017, 11:25:37 AM »
im using this notes app on a mac its working fine till i wrote a few words then an error happened it closed then it flashed some command or type of error i couldnt make a screenshot because i decided to restart the mac. when it restarted all the notes are gone. those are months worth of notes. im suspecting the notes app went full or because i didnt update my os for months now. im not using an icloud to backup my files because i dont trust apple. im using notes on a daily basis, typing alot of words, copy/pasting etc. tonight it malfunctioned. i tried the recovery technique(access the notes library convert the notev6.storedata-wal to notev6.html then open on a browser) on the web but it only shows..50+ words i wrote.