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Author Topic: FREE!!! Battlefield 3 Online PH Private Server Sali na !!!  (Read 5840 times)


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FREE!!! Battlefield 3 Online PH Private Server Sali na !!!
« on: October 14, 2015, 10:24:00 AM »
Guys we are Opening a Battlefield 3 Online PH Private Server .. We need Pioneers .. This server is 24/7 online .. 

Join us at our facebook group we have posted a guide on how to install and join the game

Register to oursite:

This is way better than any ONLINE FPS out there this is Battlefield 3 .. Almost everything is destructible no campers, no

hiding, you name it tanks, attack choppers, mobile artillery, Jets, dirt/quad bikes, Humvees & Etc. up to 64 players on 1

map, the latency is small cause the server is just located at Southeast Asia so no laggy gameplay .. so invite your friends,

coworkers & family to join Battlefield 3 Online PH ..

if you have difficulties on installing the game just msg us on Facebook Group ..

Our First Gameplay with only 4 players hehehe:



How to Join the Battlefield 3 Online PH Private Server:

1. Register at

2. Download the client torrent of ZloGames[].torrent

3. Download the client pâtch!tI8BkTjJ!5nDF6WL5uxOnIRt8SiNFk0RYhiwdbXFQa9yYMyAWeKk
after downloading the client pâtch extract the content to where you installed your Battlefield 3 if ask to replace existing file just replace all ..

4. After all the installation of the client and client pâtch is done.. go to your battlefield 3 folder and click/run redirector.exe, this is only be done once after the installation are all complete and after that you can now go to our webpage login your account and play ..


Cannot connect to server:

Q: A virus have been detected on the installer and pâtch?

A: The installer and pâtch is safe the antivirus is just detecting a false positive virus. so don't worry its safe. i do suggest before you install the client and pâtch disable/turn off your antivirus.

Q: I cannot join server but i can join on ZloGames i got ERR_DISCONNECT_BLAZE 11-1?

A: Your client is updated to v7 .. you need to downgrade to v6.3.5.0 or just download our client pâtch .. that will solve the problem ..

Q. I cannot join the server i got ERR_DISCONNECT_BLAZE 11-1, i have battlefield 3 premium edition from other sources?

A1:JUST UNCHECK THE LOCALPLAY .. on the upper right corner above the SIGN OUT click the SOLDIER button and uncheck the LOCALPLAY and click save.
A2: Your client is not updated to v6.3.5.0 just download!EMlUxCzZ!ClbllG6FQBTlHWBTqzz-oLuA1M25_LzhULjZhSF4suI.. install it and do the guide step 3 and 4 this will solve the problem.


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Re: FREE!!! Battlefield 3 Online PH Private Server Sali na !!!
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2015, 11:00:56 AM »
battlefield is good. But CS Go is still the best FPS


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Re: FREE!!! Battlefield 3 Online PH Private Server Sali na !!!
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2015, 11:44:16 AM »
great... will try this... thanks ts... :)