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The alabang boys bribery case

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Quoting Cong Cuenco, if the bribery in DOJ  and other RTC is true, " then God Save the Philippines"

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It sucks with all these "he said, she said" sh*t. If we don't let these cases go through courts then your right... "God save the Philippines"...

It sickens me to see how cases like these can just be let go like this... and people like the PDEA dude who testified of being bribed be shunned like that nalang? ano na merit ng mga taong katulad niya?

so mga kapatid... your thoughts in this thing?

I'd still say that spoiled brats got their dads to cough up some money to keep their name clean and run around town the same.

The balance of justice is weighed through how deep peoples pockets are...

previous cases dismissed by the DOJ

Master Of Disaster (m.d):
tatlong manok lang yan eh...

kung may manokn ka eh di maraming kang mababayaran....
ang Pilipinas talaga!

How could Pinas get through its economic problem when our Justice System Sucks! There are alot of Laws here in Pinas but how effective is it? God knows........


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