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ServantGeneral (SG):
YOU MAY POST HOLLYWOOD IMAGES, BUT DO NOT UPLOAD THEM TO OUR SERVER. This is being done in http://superiorpics.com, a very popular Hollywood celebs site.

Because there are literally millions of Hollywood Celebs photos out there on the Internet, it is easy to flood this board with celeb pics. Due to the fact that webservers have space limitations, espiya cannot host these Hollywood celeb photos on our server.

The Hollywood celebs forum is just an "extra board," and because Hollywood celebs are not really a core area of interest in espiya, all images attached to posts in this board should be hosted elsewhere like:


You may post thumbnails that link to the full image hosted on their server.

We wish to make use of our server resources for the "core areas" of espiya.

This rule applies only to posts made AFTER today (see date this message was posted).

oh ok...tol SD...i think i was the last guy who posted there...pero di na mauulit... ;D

copy that ..
buti na lang at nabasa ko ito ..
i was about to post pa naman ..
he he

SD bossing .. :D

First time ko subok lng...hehehe


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