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PR (Personal Relations?) - How much usually and kamusta experience?



I heard may girls daw na nagpapa-pr or paid date (mostly yung mga nagwwork sa bar). Di guaranteed ang sex, pero sasamahan ka sa usual activities like coffee, groceries, etc.

May ganitong experience kayo? How much usually ang rates?


GF for a Day, yung service na na-experience ko..

yup, si girl mostly I got her via the personals section ng OLD Craiglist dati , her package includes SEX , your personal maid, being a clingy person and being a SUB.  i spent 3 days with her on a trip to a certain summer holiday vacation spot and it was great experience back then.

Si girl pla is a typical kolehiyana , can be a car model girl,  doing discreet side jobs for college funds.

i spent around 20K-ish (includes extras expenses) for her.

This was before 2015, so I think more of this ladies can be found on TG groups or maybe a few subreddits or espakols site but YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) since it differs on the package you and the girl may agree upon. 

Hope naka tulong, but since pandemic occurs, baka rare ka makahanap ng ganun offer or it may require some tests for it.

Ano po group or keyword to search for Sir? Future reference only. Thanks


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