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The Archangel:

--- Quote from: kingkazz on May 09, 2022, 12:19:07 am ---Its safe to conclude that you are not voting for Junior

--- End quote ---
Here's a fact, the companies (big & small) that the Marcos Gov't seized were controlled and benefited by Marcos' three children (Imee, Bongbong & Irene) where they were placed as CEOs, Chairman, Major Stockholders of those seized companies, while the other companies were controlled by the Marcos cronies.
The companies that they seized became milking cows for their own personal interests.

FINAL Warning!!!!!! Attention BBM Voters!!!


(Baka maging Sri Lanka ang Pilipinas, why? LOLs. Read below.)
Ayaw ng mga foreign investments/investors (especially United States) kay BBM. Tapos ang nakakalungkot diyan, kung sino pa mga BBM supporters niya, possible sila agad ang mawawalan ng mga trabaho or lalong maghihirap in the next 6 years. Dahil mag aalisan lahat ng investors dito sa bansa for sure pag nanalo siya.

Layoffs might happen. And no one will bother to help BBM supporters anymore. Sadly, most Kakampinks will no longer help BBM supporters who voted for BBM. If BBM wins, a lot of Kakampinks would probably distance themselves from BBM supporters. And we will be divided again.

1. BBM is pro China, he said in his interview with Boy Abunda that he is willing to set aside The Hague Ruling that will limit the activities of China in the West Philippine Sea. Then China will be occupying most of our territory, our fisherman will have a limited area for fishing and nobody will stop China from invading our land permanently.

2. BBM is against the U.S. and U.S. doesn’t like BBM. The United States was instrumental in ending his father's reign. Most of the cases filed by the victims of martial law in the U.S. have been won, but he chooses not to follow the U.S. court order, which is why he cannot enter the United States. Matagal ng ban si BBM sa U.S, at ban din siya sa Switzerland.

Without help from the United States, China can do whatever it wants with the Filipino government. He also said that he was willing to set aside some treaties and pacts between the Philippines and the United States.

3. The Duterte administration is leaving with a P13 trillion debt, most of it comes from China. We need an economist and someone who can manage and organize that debt. If we cannot handle this debt, China will occupy and seize our territory as payment or guarantee. This is what happened to the other countries which accumulated an enormous debt to Chìna. This has happened in Bangladesh and other African countries.

4. Our country will be defenseless against other countries because BBM is repealing our defense treaties with the United States. Hindi na tayo pro-protektahan ng United States, kasi ayaw nila kay BBM. Lulubog ang Pilipinas.

U.S, Canada, Australia, Europe, and majority of the first world countries prefer Leni to lead the Philippines, so it can finally end Philippines’ long time corruption, and so the Philippines can make progress and be like Singapore and Japan where all people are provided support and brighter future. Wala ng maiiwan, lahat ng Pilipino, mayaman or mahirap, magkakaroon ng kinabukasan. Kaya nga #GobyernongTapatAngatBuhayAngLahat

5. We will not be able to recover economically since BBM has no intact foreign policy. Wala siyang alam sa Economics. Hindi tulad ni Leni, expertise niya ang Economics. We will not be able to obtain help from other countries kapag si BBM, since no one will trust BBM the son of a dictator.

The marginal poor who voted for him will bear the brunt of his mismanagement. Prices of goods and commodities will rise beyond their reach so is the services. How can he accomplish his promise of providing high quality hospital services to every region when the government, he has to take over is bankrupt beyond his comprehension. Sobrang tataaas lahat ng bilihin. At sobrang lulubog ang Ekonomiya.

6. Of course the Marcos Estate will not pay the 203 billion estate  tax. This is the primary reason why BBM is running for the presidency.

7. Morality will be on a lower level.
How can you encourage people to pay taxes when our President is a convicted tax evader? How can you encourage our young people to go to school if our president is a dropout?

How can you eliminate corruptions when our President prospers because of this? How can you encourage the youth not to use drugs when our President is a known drug user (according to his close friends and relatives)?

8. Expect the revision of history where the books about Martial Law will be banned. The book censorship on Martial Law will be imposed. Expect some statue of Ninoy to be demolished and some prominent places to be named after Marcos.

9. Expect the influx of Chinese Drug Lords, Chinese Gambling Lords, Chinese contractors (building and roads) and smuggled vegetables, fish and goods.

10.  As we see it, our country has no future under BBM. When chaos ensues due to high prices, uncontrolled inflation and absent of government services, he has no knowledge, experience and education to control people then the best thing for him to do is declare Martial Law, otherwise the military will stage a Coup d'etat.
It is sad that poor people will bear the brunt of all these hardships. They have never learned. They keep electing corrupt and popular candidates.

The more you vote for BBM the more you and the entire Filipino people will SUFFER.

[Hindi paninira ang pagsasabi ng totoo, these are “possibilities” and “could” happen based on the analysis.


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