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The Archangel:
This coming May 09, 2022 we will be choosing again a new President for our country, The Philippines.
Below is a news clip screenshot of a "Fact Check Data" on the Presidentiables that appeared in leading newspapers several months ago:
Please peruse every candidate and use your judgment to choose wisely:
Who will be your choice?
Polls will be closed and thread will be locked at 12:01AM of May 09, 2022 with the Final Poll Results.
Thanks for joining's Official 2022 Philippine Presidential Forum Poll.
- The Archangel (Moderator) -

I want to advise everyone here not to be swayed by ANY SURVEY that is coming out this campaign season.

Surveys per se, cannot or do not gauge a certain candidate to be winnable or not.
Surveys can be manipulated and can be biased favoring a certain candidate in which case is done deliberately.
Surveys are done in a certain place (which they don't even mention) and NOT the whole country so this explains why there are just merely 3000 NAMELESS RESPONDENTS to those surveys.
Moreso, most of the NAMELESS RESPONDENTS are not even REGISTERED VOTERS.
Surveys only tend to condition the mind which confuses and deceives people that a candidate is winnable or not.
Therefore, SURVEYS ARE NOT RELIABLE, and they are USELESS in the long run especially come Election Day.

The best way to gauge a candidate is through a "Mock Poll" just like what Google did and just like the one we are doing here on
In a forum, we can cite, explain, or discuss through constructive criticism why this or that candidate is our choice.
A Forum (like is also the best medium and avenue to know if a candidate is winnable or not.
And not through ridiculous SURVEYS. 


Mang Inasar:

--- Quote from: wildarm21 on April 19, 2022, 10:45:01 pm ---.

--- End quote ---
Mas BOBO ka!  ::laffman

I believe that the Marcos incompetence will turn this country into an Economic Tiger in this region. Unlike the other candidates, he holds a sspecial degree from Oxford.

sawa na taong bayan sa negative campaign ..propaganda lng lahat ng iyan mgbigay ko ng proof hindi puro allegation! ...bbm lng mananalo sa eleksyon wala ng iba


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