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Proof of Vote Buying sa Boho: Maraming Nagrereklamo noon, no action til today.

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--- Quote from: bodieph on May 10, 2019, 06:33:32 pm ---lols, seriously? of course its till hearsay, the pics do not prove anything. anybody can simply post a pic of money with the name of a candidate. do you even know the meaning of the word hearsay?

the statement alone "Eto ang sample balot na naibigay nila. Dapat straight daw kasi kung hindi may gagawin daw silang hindi mabuti sa aming lugar kaya dapat susunod sa current admin. Nanakot pa ang kanilang Political Leader at mga taohan na nagbigay nito. Napakagago."  yan sobrang clear na hearsay yan, chismis. rumor. you are just fear mongering

sabi nga nung isang nagpost din sa isang thread mo, puro chismis ang post mo. the member report was more detailed and I'm guessing lawyer yun member na yun. wag ka sakin magalit, dun ka magalit sa member na nagreport point by point on your post

and sunod, magbasa ka rin kasi ng mga rules sa forum bago ka magpost. you are passionate about your cause and thats a good thing kaso ilagay mo sa tamang lugar

--- End quote ---

Yeah si bodie yet I love this guy din. I read his works din before nireremove mo. Iba totoo, iba medyo need for verification. 1 thing for sure, nakakreceive ako ng ganito kahit nagwowork na ako sa cebu haha pagrating ko sa bahay, pinapasok yan ng envelope, may pangalan mo at presinct.

Lets give this guy a deserving factor din sir. This is also the reason why I worked in cebu because of great political influence (either public or private). In short, pinawalang ng opportunity.

To kwartaf13 (screename lang) read rules naman sir/maam kasi some statements of yours is slanderous haha pero it makes sense naman. Alam ko yung point mo sa pag post mo is to educate the very hidden kalakaran sa ating mahal na probinsya. And read rules para may malaman pa kami. As believed, rumors are truth and decisions of the courts are circumvent of real intention of crime haha.

I understand because they try to maintain its credibility. Sguro, suggestion lang as a loyal member bec of goodphotos hahaha sguro wag lang i delete ang post and just make notes that warning this is a rumor or etc na to signify nga thise are allegations. Cguro kwartaf13, may pinagdaanan din and lets understand because yun ang mangyari kung nandon kayo sa gobyerno.

Sir boodieph, I love those post kasi may nagsasalita na sa reality ng aming probinsya. Pagminsan, kailangan nating maging mabuting tao, d lang palaging landi hahahahahahah

Lets understand each other. I doubt si kwartaf13 ayisang myembro ng mga boholano na nageespiya sa mga politikong may record na kaso ahhaha

Ps: sir kwartaf13, post nakang ang mga sekreto after election hehehe

Sir joaquin, dito sa amin nangyari din yan 5k. Pero ganito yan (ihope makasupport si sir kwartaf13, d ako masyadong marami nalalaman sa kalokohan) nun 1st term n baba bigay sya ng 1k then abe lim 1k then gonzaga 1.5k then paggabi before election day 1.5k binigay n baba 4d second time. Ngayon, yung pic na post ni kwartaf13 sa thread na ito lang ang aming nareceive liit na lol

Wag na kayo away2 sir bodie and kwartaf13. Hand in hand nalang mga sir/maam.

kung totoo yung allegation mo ba't hindi niyo idaan sa legal na paaran, punta kayo sa comelec office at mag file kayo ng case..

The Archangel:
My standpoint to issues that concern politics and the government may not be this avenue (this forum) to voice out these concerns.
Although I still adhere to "Freedom of Speech" but the appropriate place to address these issues and concerns would be the COMELEC.
Voicing these issues here will only create discord because each and everyone of us here in this forum has reserved thoughts about politics.
This is just like Religion.
When you talk about religion, you will just enter a discussion where there is no positive answer - only more questions.

I'd like to share with you something I experienced during the dark days of Marcos' Martial Law.
During the early 80s at the height of then-Pres.Marcos' so-called "Snap Elections", I was witness to the most notorious vote-buying that you could ever imagine.
Literally, money was flowing by the thousands and even by the hundreds during the campaign sorties of the Marcos-Tolentino Tandem.
I was a beat reporter at that time and since I had a camera in tow, I shot these nefarious activities right before my very eyes.
Since they (Marcos Campaigners) knew I was a reporter, they gave me an envelope with loads of cash in it together with a nice-looking card that said, "Vote Marcos-Tolentino straight".
And then suddenly, the Marcos-controlled cops appeared and immediately cordoned us and told me and my group to stop taking pictures.
I didn't listen to them even though I was already given an envelope with lots of money in it.
Before I knew it, I and my group were hauled away and detained by the Metrocom (that was the Philippine Constabulary, and now called the PNP)) together with other beat reporters that were holding cameras who were also covering the incident.
On the precinct were we were detained, they destroyed the films of our cameras bearing the pictures we took of that vote-buying incident.
But luckily, human rights lawyer, Atty.Rene Saguisag (ex-Senator) came to our rescue and we were released the following day.
This is just the side of my story during the Marcos years and I think mas-lantaran na ang vote-buying ngayon as you can see it exposed on Social Media.

I will advice the TS (kwartaf13) to go to the appropriate place to address these issues, and that is the COMELEC.
Whether or not what you say is hearsay, rumor, gossip, what you've seen and what you've heard should have a credible backup and proper documenting to support your report/s.
When you go there to the COMELEC, be sure to bring a very good lawyer with you who knows his way around these things and who cannot be bought.
But if and when these are not met, and if you do not address and file a case with the COMELEC, the reports and/or evidence (verified or not) that you have will remain as mere "allegations".
One need not be a lawyer to know these things but this is always the rule of law and the rule of legalities.
Been there, done that.   

Sa pagkakaalam ko sir arch and bytebandit, may nagfile na nito sa Police, sa municipalidad ng Sikatuna, Bohol. Yun, sila lang ang nagpoporsige na magaccept ng ganito kasi alam nyo na, those guys are powerful. They have even the guts to mock every people inhere.

Sir archanghel, ito isang kandidato na tatabkong 1st district, Chatto, we asked oldies in the LGU when does his career and their family political career started. It was the time when Marcos became the pres, his father appointed Governor in the province. No doubt, this guy holds the power. Ngayon hirap lang sila kasi binababaga nila si Pres Dut noon dun nagkabukingan. Source ko, DYTR, radio in Bohol.

In terms of legal defenses, mga bigatin din ang mga lawyers ng mga taong ito since i saw pic in the Padayon-Bol-anon lawyers, they are bigaten and I understand since they can afford paying expensive lawyers compared to the Evasco team, hilaw pa ang mga abogado. Hehe source ko, pictures ng kanilang mga supporters.

Kaya naman cguro hnd na magwawaste ng time to complain kasi sa probinsya sir, wala kaming hope ng ganyan kasi marami na nagsikap ng ganyan pero hnd ineentertain kasi probinsya lang at iletong mga taong to, maraming connection DAW sa comelec, if I were kwartaf13, I wont waste time kasi alam ko imposible. Kaya kami mga probinsya, thru gossips kami kasi para sa amin, yun ang totoo. I understand pipz like you sir mga luzon o from metropolitan kasi civilized kayo at ang inyung politiko hnd masyado maraming goons compared sa amin eh marami pa. May bagong nadakip na armaodong tao dito sa amin pa nga eh.

Yun lang sir.

Kaba din kami ngayon dahil ayaw namn mananalo ang mga taong ito. Honestly lang.. pagod na kami ng mga politiko palaging nananalo na walang ginagawa. Kakaingit yung mga family ko na nandun sa Davao City, mag cocompare sa amin na nagdadala ng pamily, puro satsat at walang asenso.

Yun lang hehe. I love hearing this kind of revelation kasi I still believe time will come change in LGU of our place will happen.


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