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Proof of Vote Buying sa Boho: Maraming Nagrereklamo noon, no action til today.

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The Archangel:
Thanks, brother HappyGuy for your insights about the things going on around you during the election period.
Probably, most of you guys here in Espiya were just a baby, or just a young kid or even were not born yet when Marcos & his Martial Law was in power.
I have lived to see those days that were both heaven and hell.
Heaven - when every citizen were dutiful, responsible and most of all, disciplined.
Hell - when there were others who opposed the atrocities of the Military when people defied the Martial Rule.

Vote-buying & vote-selling cannot be denied as it is was already the norm to do these things during the campaign period even way back during the time of then-Pres. Marcos.
If these were rampant in the city which is the seat of power (government), it was more widespread in the provinces.
Literally, money was flowing like a river.
The dollar exchange rate at that time was 7 Pesos to a Dollar so money was very easy at that time.
Not to mention, the uncontrolled presence of the 3G - Guns, Goons and Gold.

Reporting these incidents to the Comelec and filing a case is not really a waste of time even though it may likely fall on deaf ears.
The very sad and disappointing thing is to ignore these things and not to do something about it like going to the Comelec.
The more important thing here is that you have done your part as a law-abiding citizen and you have acted upon your conscience by seeking the legal way by going to the Comelec.

Hindi na talaga mawawala sa ating kultura ang ganitong kalakaran tuwing may halalan.
Like the song of the 80s group, "Tears For Fears" that goes, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World".
Everybody wants to have power & money and the only way to do it is to enter the dirty world of politics.
But the end of it all, when these greedy politicians die and come face to face with death, they cannot bring their Guns, Goons and Gold to their final resting place.
It is still the omnipotent God Almighty who has still the last say to each and every one of us whether we are the President of this country or just a plain laborer.
God the Almighty is still the Alpha & Omega of everything in this Universe. 

Bro, you can use the information on this link to file your complaint:

This is the link to the form:

 :o nanalo parin ba ang mga candidato nayan ngayon TS?


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