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can i ask how much ung tution ng law school sa san beda ? kase im on 3rd yr college taking pre law (AB political scinece ) aside sa beda san pa magandang mag take ng law school.

i don’t have the exact knowledge as to the price of beda’s tuition , but if you’re asking good law school. why not try UP, but need to pass UPLAE to which they only take 200 or less enrolee , another ateneo, expensive tho... location makati. Lasalle is just new in its law course... UST another option. BEDA is good too. hope this help

Não tenho certeza sobre o prêmio nesta escola de direito específica. Mas com certeza você pode perguntar ao [link disabled], eles definitivamente podem ajudá-lo com essa pergunta. Eu mesmo tenho suas recomendações.

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