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Military badges, insignia & ribbon/service bars:

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Now I know what those colors are for, so Im sharing it to you also. Just so you know.

Parang 3 lang ang star sa shoulder nang PH. Anyways, thanks for this!


--- Quote from: chikki_kun on April 04, 2016, 08:52:56 am ---Parang 3 lang ang star sa shoulder nang PH. Anyways, thanks for this!

--- End quote ---

OO nga ano, sorry di ko napansin yun ah. Anyway, here's the updated photo of the General
when he officially became a 4-star Gen. and as an AFP Chief then. Napokus kasi yung attention
ko dun sa prominent na kulay ng mga service ribbons nya... Hehehe


napansin ko din... anyway. the highest rank, 5 star general is i think given only to the chief of staff...

no, 5star rank WAS only given during wartime to distinguish who was in charge of everything. kasi nung WWII syempre maraming mga kakampi and of course each army had their own generals, someone had to be incharge of ALL of the armies hence the 5star rank was made to make it clear to everyone that the guy with the 5star was superior to the other generals and that he was in charge. there was even talk of making a 6star rank during the later stages of the war when there were even more unified commands (i.e. the planned invasion of Japan, they thought that Macarthur should be promoted to 6th star because there were too many people under him and they needed to make it clear he was in charge BUT doing so would mean they also needed to promote other people, specifically those who are superior to Macarthur)

without the distinction, what happens if say the head of the US army and the head of the british army are at odds over what to do and pareho silang 4star, sino masusunod? kanino sila tatakbo? sa commander in chief pa nila. so para maiwasan mga ganun, ginawa yung 5star rank

pero now that there is no war, there is no need for such rank, the highest these days are only 4stars


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