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Hi guys!:)

I was recently approved by adsense google, and naapprove yung Youtube account ko po. :)

and i was just wondering if you guys can help me out, please view my videos, if may ads na lumabas sa vid please click it and if may account po kayo please subscribe po and like my vid. :)

i know i am asking too much pero po please help me out with this, kasi video making, singing and all is my passion po and i want to earn a little extra in it po mga ka espiya :)

here is my youtube link:

sana po pagbigyan niyo po ako mga kaespiya :)

feel free to tell me if may gusto kayo na ipa cover na song or gawing video, gagawan ko po ng paraan :)


thanks guys!:) sa mga nagview thank you po!:) ::thanksforhelp


ghost hunter:
visit and rate mga espiya!  psrulez::

The Archangel:

--- Quote from: ghost hunter on October 24, 2017, 01:24:25 AM ---visit and rate mga espiya!  psrulez::

--- End quote ---
As a YouTube Creator & Channel Owner, the rating of one's Channel will depend mainly per video watch.  This is to say that each video's rating may depend how many will press the "like" on the thumbs up icon or the thumbs down icon.  Viewership per video will also play an important role on one's channel as it reflects the virtual audience that will watch or see your video.  Channel subscribership also is one focal aspect of one's channel rating. As much as possible, this number of subscribership should not be hidden on one's channel because this will be the gauge of every single YouTube viewer to see if the channel is rating with subscribership or not.  Viral videos, let's say, with a million views DO NOT COUNT in rating a channel if the channel itself has only mininal subscribers.  Many YouTubers just want to watch a video on someone's channel but it does not necessarily mean that they will subscribe to your channel. The number of views and subscribers is very erratic as you may get 20+ of it today, but on the following day you may just get only a measly 2 just like the trading activity at the Phil.Stock Exchange.

In my honest opinion, being a YouTube Creator & Channel Owner removes one's stress & tension of everyday life unlike Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  The "Daily Maintenance" of one's channel is lots of fun because you always search and create ideas for your channel's content which the Doctors say is a very good exercise for our brain cells. You also get GOOD VIBES by the various comments on your videos and the gradual increase of video viewership, and most of all, the subscribership of your channel. Having your own YouTube Channel is also akin to having a THESIS in College because you put your heart & knowledge in your time & effort to create this kind of project - your YouTube Channel.

ghost hunter, if you want to know how I rate your channel, i'm giving you a rating of
 rating10:: rating10:: rating10:: rating10:: rating10::


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