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We are slowly integrating the new Shop/eCoins into the Forum as a fun and rewarding feature for members. Because this new feature is just being introduced, old members have not been able to earn eCoins for their activity and contributions in the past so to level the playing field, we will be holding a one-time event called the..

Espiya eCoin Giveaway Event!

Bonus eCoins will be given to members based on certain "modifiers" such as:

Badge/Group Membership
Year Joined - The older, the more ecoins!  ;D
GoldFingers Received (before Aug. 17)
Post Count  (before Aug. 17)
Time Logged  (before Aug. 17)

See graphics below:

The date of the event will be announced shortly.

Feedback, comments, suggestions, please post below...

Omg awesome!

wow excited ako dito ah  toast::

espiya ecoinomy give away!!

sana kasali yung badge group ko, i believe nag iisa ako dito haha. thanks in advance SG! this is exciting

Jann Frost:
Yung total count ng apat na yan ang magiging instant ecoin namin? Woah :o


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