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[README] Console Gamers: Unlock the Console Gaming boards


Espiya Support:

Are you a console gamer?

Join the Console Gamers group to unlock these boards:
- Gaming Consoles
-- Playstation
-- Xbox
-- Nintendo

1) Go this link:;area=groupmembership
2) Browse the Available Groups, and click the "Join Group" link of the Console Gamer Group.

You will be automatically subscribed to the board and board posts, and you will unlock the boards listed above.
Your Espiya Newsfeed (Frontpage) will now include new topics in these boards.

You may leave this group anytime and disable your access to the boards listed above. You may rejoin anytime.

Why is group membership required?
The above listed boards are considered "specialist" boards and may not appeal to the general audience. By using this permission-based content delivery, guarantees that only members who subscribed to these topics will get feeds about these topics.


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