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help. sample letter of intent


guys need help po. may inaapplyan kasi ako agency for abroad for nurse position. and they required me to write a letter of intent.. eh hindi po ako kgalingan sa mga ganun ganun.. sa mga mkakatulung guys. letter of intent for nurse position. in present im working in tertiary hospital here in tarlac since nov 2008. expertise ko eh operating room, medical and surgical ward, PICU, and icu.. salamat ng madami sa mga makakatulong.. pls respect=)

eto po simple lang na sample ng letter of intent kaso ginamit po ito sa ibang position. Ikaw na lang bahalang magdagdag ng mga bulaklak at mga wordings na naaayon sa position mo. Sana kahit papano makatulong ito.

                                                                            Letter of Intent

Dear [Mr/Ms./Mrs. Last Name]:

I am writing to apply for the position of "Position Name" with "Company Name". For the past few years, I have worked in this very industry. I understand how to work with the latest technology, how to collaborate with a variety of coworkers, and how to meet important deadlines. My skills, experience, and positive attitude prepare me for a position with "Company Name|.

In my last position, I consistently developed and facilitated both small and large projects. This sometimes meant supervising my peers, finding funding, and developing budgets. My connections in the community and passion for my work makes me an ideal candidate. I take great pride watching a project develop.

I am detail-oriented, committed, and focused. My computer and communication skills prepare me for a variety of tasks. I look forward to hearing from you, you can contact me at "Phone Number". Thank you for your time.



[Your Name]

호밀 크루즈:
Your Name
Address here

Current Date

Name ng company/agency kung kanino mo iaaddress yung letter
Address ng Compaby/Agency

Dear Ma’am/Sir:

I would like to express my intention to apply as Nurse in your respected company.

At the moment, I am working as an <your current position here> under Tertiary Hospital at Tarlac blah blah since November 2008. I have been assigned to Operating Room, Medical and surgical ward, PICU, and icu <then kindly state kung anu-anong pinag-gagagawa mo dun>.

I am also assigned to work on… <state what other roles you have been performing related to medical/nursing>.

I believe that having a privilege to work in <Company> will further improve my capability on <anu-ano ba yung capabilities ng madedevelop pag nursing ka?>.

Enclosed in this application is my resume for your perusal. If you are interested for further details regarding my qualifications, please contact me on my mobile number, <your mobile no.>, or through my email address at <your email here>.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon at your most convenient time.



salamat mga idol!! god bless po sa inyu MCCXXI and simpleman1225  ::thanksforhelp


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