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Pacman and Floyd soO sweet

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let's hope it will really push through... the fans have been waiting for so long already...

Arum on Mayweather-Pacquiao meeting:“There are no issues that I can see that mean anything.”

--- Quote ---“I cannot assure you that its gonna happen but certainly with this development in Miami and from what I know about the finalization of papers and everything I have to be optimistic. And I know that everybody that I deal with like Les Mooves of CBS and HBO’s Richard Plepler are all very positive of this making this happen.”

The fight is tentatively scheduled for May 2nd. If the details aren't finalized by mid February, then yeah it's not happening. EH.paasa naman! ;D
--- End quote ---






The video catches Floyd admitting that he and Manny have to fight before they retire.

“I congratulate him on his career. He had a wonderful career and I had a wonderful career but before we leave this sport, of course, we have to make this fight happen.”


Blah Blah Blah  ;D

IG is just showing the side in which People would think, Floyd wants this fight but they cut the part where Floyd himself would make the negotiation hard.
We ain't born yesterday!

pasakay lang ni floyd yan.


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