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Pacman and Floyd soO sweet

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--- Quote from: FerminaDaza on March 12, 2015, 03:57:34 am ---whattha


Manny be like-

DEYM BIEBER,where did you come from ? gittout of  the shot ! goeweyyy ::)

--- End quote ---

Gay friends support each other yet ofcourse Bieber needs some attentions


--- Quote from: kenji_kulet on March 12, 2015, 05:33:39 am ---Gay friends support each other yet ofcourse Bieber needs some attentions

--- End quote ---

The same gay guy who got first in Selena's vajayjay? Does that mean he's better than a straight guy?


--- Quote ---Martha Stewart:

“The only place people will be following you in jail is into the shower.”

Chris D’Elia:

“Justin Bieber, the man. Why are you here? … You are about to get fucked harder than Orlando Bloom fucked Selena Gomez.” ;D

Kevin Hart:

“Justin has fans in middle school or staying 500 feet away from one.”

Jeff Ross:

“Selena Gomez wanted to be here but she’s dating men now. Is it true you dumped her because she grew a mustache before you?”

“Selena Gomez had sex with [you]… proving Mexicans will do the disgusting jobs Americans just won’t do.”

“If Anne Frank had heard your music, she would’ve Uber’d to Auschwitz.”


“You act so much like a pussy, Ellen [DeGeneres] tried to eat you.”  ::lmao

Hannibal Buress:

“Justin, I don’t like your music. I think it’s bad, man. I hate your music. I hate your music more than Bill Cosby hates my comedy.”

“You gotta give it up for Justin. He started from the bottom and he’s still a bottom.”

--- End quote ---

Justin's comebacks:

--- Quote ---“What do you get when you give a teenager $200 million? A bunch of has-beens calling you a lesbian for two hours.”
And then, in a serious turn, Bieber apologized for his past behavior.

Bieber concluded his speech by saying, "You have my word, I will not end up broken, pathetic, bitter, or sitting on someone else’s roast. I’m at a moment of change. This is a new day."

--- End quote ---


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