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Pacman and Floyd soO sweet

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any caption you wanna add? :D

The two fighters sat across from each other at  Miami Heat/ Milwaukee Bucks game and spoke at halftime as you can see above

From ESPN:

--- Quote ---“He gave his number to me and said we will communicate with each other,” said Pacquiao, according to the Associated Press, adding that he had never before met Mayweather in person, although they have previously talked on the phone and Pacquiao once appeared on one of Mayweather’s undercards in 2001.

Asked to clarify if the exchange meant the two would negotiate directly about meeting in the ring, Pacquiao said that was the case.

“We did meet and chat but I don’t I want to say what we discussed,” Michael Koncz, Pacquiao’s adviser, who was with them, said when reached by on his cell phone during halftime. “It was a private discussion. They had a private, friendly discussion and that’s all I really want to say.”

Koncz said their presence at the game together was “purely a coincidence.” VIA
--- End quote ---


Exclusive....After that game..Mayweather went to PACMANs hotel room.... Niyaya pa ni Mayweather na pumunta sila sa stripclub pero di sumama si Pacquiao.

 ITS ON!  ::pampam ::pampam ::pampam

Lakas makabully ng mukha ni mayweather e.  ::lmao

Something's weird with the pics. Yung mukha ni mayweather parang ipinotoshop on top of someone lol. Hopefully they make it happen damn.

nagpapaturo lang manny gumamit smartphone


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