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How to join the freemasonry of the Philippines?

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ask1 2b1

ang pinapangarap kong salihan...... sana matuloy na.... ;) ;) ;)


--- Quote from: maniac2999 on June 30, 2014, 04:56:48 am ---Ah yes, alam kong may significant history yung freemasons from other countries and it does seem to have done a lot of things for the world.. pero dito ba?

In any case, mukhang influence ang habol ng sumasali, but influence enough to do what? anong end-goal ngayon at anong ginagawa nila para marating yun in the PH context?

--- End quote ---

Sir in-case you did not know, our Philippine Flag is Masonic inspired...


"2B1 Ask1" or "Ask1 2B1"

Sir, if you really want to join, I think its best for you to know your reasons... Curiosity for one, pero I think you should need more than that. The tag-line 2b1 ask1 is true if you really want to join the brotherhood, just approach a brother and ask, he will tell you what to do... In order to join, no one knows what is going to happen, you are all by yourself, kahit sabihin pang kilala mong mason eh Lodge Master or even G.M. you need to do what the other brothers did.

In looking for a lodge, I think its best to go to the nearest to your place, ask when they meet.. from there you will understand how easy/hard it is... ingat lang po pag kakatok... may mga process po yan, and pag blackball ka, betterluck on other lodges.

Best advice I can give to you brother is, ALAMIN MO MUNA ANG DAHILAN MO BAKIT KA SASALI..

not just to know what the compass and the square mean..  ;D ;D ;D ;D


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