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Author Topic: How the Japanese pronounce their domestic car brands  (Read 5805 times)


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How the Japanese pronounce their domestic car brands
« on: September 24, 2014, 11:23:53 PM »
If you're a geek who has ever spent an inordinate amount of time reading Japanese car news via Google Translate, you may have wondered why Mazda, for instance, sometimes gets translated as "Matsuda." It's not a mistake, it's phoenetic—completely true to how the Japanese say the name.

To clear up the confusion for good, MightyCarMods produced a 30-second video in which the girl you see above demonstrates the Japanese home-market pronunciation of the major domestic automakers. Some of the differences are subtle, but they're different nonetheless:


It is, quite literally, JDM-speak. And pretty interesting, too.

source : for the article

            mighty car mod for the youtube video

 I still like to hear some Filipinos says "Michibichi" or "Mitchubichi"  laffman::