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RIP cory....
« on: July 31, 2009, 08:00:43 pm »
we owe a lot to her and her husband... 

Its ironic that cory has already died but the marcoses hasn't yet paid the ultimate price for their crimes..
Even till death, these freedom fighters gained not a drop of justice from their cause..... This is "Justice" in the philippines.
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Let us remember, The Filipino People will be forever grateful for the Democracy fought by Mrs. Aquino. The World owes the People Power to Cory Aquino. We lost a great leader. But we gain her legacy. Let us continue the fight for the gift that she fought so hard...

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Re: RIP cory....
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Rest in Peace Mrs.Aquino..Philippines owe so much to you. ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers
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Re: RIP cory....
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Her spirit will carry on, and her legacy will carry on our hearts forever. Rest in peace, madam president.

The Filipino is worth dying for. - Ninoy Aquino


Re: RIP cory....
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 ::flowers  ::flowers  ::flowers RIP Mrs President  ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers


Re: RIP cory....
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At last Makakasama mo na si Ninoy & you can ask Ninoy...who really killed him!  May you rest in peace Mrs. President! :applause