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A Love Lost...
« on: May 19, 2009, 05:41:30 pm »
--A Love Lost--

We started with a single "hello"
for the two of us both didn't know
that Love will bloom in such a way
our hearts will be binded on that day

we loved one another as if no tomorrow
as if we dont know the meaning of sorrow
telling words not with thy lips
but through our hearts that pairly beats

days and months, we called everyday
telling our love is here to stay
but unexpectedly, one cold night
we had this little fight

all of our dreams, our hopes our beats
ending in tears
A love lost i should say
slowly killing me each passing day

now that i moved on, from those dark days
here you come again, asking me to stay
i'm just going to smile, and this is not my way
of saying goodbye for the woman i cherish yesterday...

---Vincent Bernard aka namster---
Let the real blood of an espiya live once again in my veins...


Re: A Love Lost...
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Aztig ganda nman... mahilig rin ako sa poem master hehe...
ndi ka lang pla magaling sa upskirt haha  finger4u
tnx d2, i'll save this poem   toast::   


Re: A Love Lost...
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ganda ng poem mo sir,

though inde ako mhilig nyan....