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Crimson Eclipse
« on: February 27, 2009, 07:47:17 pm »
The moon above that shines so bright
Mesmerized by your skin so light
Those alluring eyes and gentle lips
Can stop even the darkest eclipse

Even if God forbids me to sleep
I promise not to let you weep
For I am me, the boastful one
I will stay even if abandoned by everyone

Whenever I see you, my heartbeats race
All my blood gushes to my face
Just like hell where demons burn
If thats where I go,for you i will return

Night or day, from dusk till dawn
If im with you I will not yawn
Coz even if I'm in the Arctic zone
I think of you when I'm alone
I believe in choices and free will. Nothing is pre-ordained.


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nice  finger4u