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San Miguel - not the beer!
« on: March 11, 2008, 02:11:06 pm »
this time, i won't be posting another very long comment. i'm not in super saiyan mode yet...nyahahahaha  ;D

i notice a change of approach & even reaction from our "honorable" senators when San Miguel made his appearance at the senate hearing today.

the senators, well most of them anyway seem more agitated when San Miguel sang a different tune from what they were expecting from him. most especially Lacson. nyahahaha if we were to hear his heartbeat & blood pressure, i'm sure we will be amused ;D ;D ;D

Estrada suggested the use of lie detector on San Miguel. why didn't he suggest it beforehand when Lozada came to testify? hehehehe

so spies, what's your take on San Miguel?

not the archangel & definitely not the booze all right? hehehehe  ;D
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Re: San Miguel - not the beer!
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Medyo na notice ko na play safe cya... halos puro technical side lang nadinig ko sa pag ddefend nya sa mga questions sa kanya... dapat pa isailalim sa matinding interrogation...


Re: San Miguel - not the beer!
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San Miguel is playing his part to a T, Lacson?.............he is the inside man of Malacanang in the Senate