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Steve Badiola - Guitars and Vocals
Pakoy Fletchero - Guitars
Chi Resurreccion - Bass
Melvin Macatiag - Drums

Influenced by foreign bands such as: Armor for Sleep | Further Seems Forever | Atreyu | Dashboard Confessional | Saosin | Appleseedcast | Shai Hulud | Thrice | Copeland | Brandston | The Get Up Kids | Deftones | Slowride | Coheed and Cambria | Alkaline Trio | Fugazi etc., the band's sudden interest in performing live is one of the reasons why they've been stable for quite sometime now. Typecast's sound has become famous for its honest lyrics which are derived from real-life experiences. Steve, the band's main song writer, triggers the most violent and hurtful yet conscientious set of songs, every show with a pounding beat of drumming coming from Melvin, who hits the drums like it owes him money, which is then concluded by low keys of bass that come from the mild fingers of Chi. The coalition of these guys is what makes the crowd get on their feet and absorb the music; whether outdoors or inside venues filled with eye-tearing smoke or singing along to every line as though their hearts were outside their shirts and shredding it to pieces with experiences of break-ups and disastrous relationships.

The band originated from the streets of Sta. Rosa,Laguna where the underground music scene was concentrated on the New York, Hardcore-style. That said place was home to bands like Piledriver, 8oz, Abberrant, Ground Zero, Homicide and the likes. With the enormous number of hardcore enthusiasts present in their hometown, TYPECAST was never intimidated by the fact that they played punk-rock music back then, covering songs from some of their favorite bands like No Use For a Name, Lagwagon and Mxpx. Later on, the band reached out to provinces in far south areas like Batangas, San Pablo, Sta. Cruz, Los Banos, etc., where they played their most awesome shows ever.

gusto ko lang i share sa inyo ang isa sa mga malulupet na underground bands dati . ..