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Joey Ayala
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Joey Ayala

Joey Ayala is a contemporary pop music artist in the Philippines. He is well known for his style of music that combines the sounds of Filipino ethnic instruments with modern pop music. His professional music career started when he released an album recorded in a makeshift-studio in 1982. To date, he has released six albums.

Some of the Filipino ethnic instruments Ayala is known to use include the two-stringed Hegalong of the T'Boli people of Mindanao and the 8-piece gong set, Kulintang melodical gong-rack of the predominantly Muslim peoples of the southern part of the country. He also uses modern instruments in his music, such as the electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums.

    * Panganay ng Umaga (Firstborn of the Morning)
    * Magkabilaan (Dichotomies)
    * Mga Awit ng Tanod-lupa (Songs of the Earth-Guardian)
    * Lumad sa Síyudad (Native in the City)
    * Lupa't Langit (Earth and Heaven)
    * 16lovesongs
    * Awit ng Magdaragat (Song of the Seafarer)
    * Ang Tanga (The Idiot)


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