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Origin: Pandacan, Manila
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Origin: Pandacan, Manila

Pandacan is a district of the City of Manila in the Philippines, located south of the banks of the Pasig River and belongs under the 6th congressional district of Manila, divided into forty three (43) barangays that includes Zone 90 to Zone 95 and barangays 829 to 872.

Origin of the name:

When Spanish colonizers reached the area of what is now known as Pandacan, the native pandan tree (Scientific name: Pandanus fascicularis Lam) grew abundantly along the banks of the Pasig River. Natives called the area where the pandan trees grew as "Pandanan" or translated as "where Pandan trees grew." Nuances in translation among the Spanish and the natives of that time misspelled and mispronounced "Pandanan" into Pandacan.



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thanx for the info


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akala ko dahil puro pandak ung nakatira dun laffman::