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The Tabon Caves of Palawan
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The Tabon Caves of Palawan

The Tabon Caves are found in Lipuun Point, a region around Quezon in the Philippines.  Also known as Palawan, the Tabon Caves were uncovered in 1962 by Dr. Robert Fox and his team from the National Museum. Dr. Fox discovered the remains of the first Filipino at the Tabon Caves.  The remains were skull cap fossils of the Tabon man dating to 22,000 years ago.  Finding the remains of the first Filipino man was a historic breakthrough for Dr. Fox, giving the Philippine people a sense of its heritage and a boost for national pride.  Throughout the excavation of the Tabon Caves, the team determined that it was roughly 500,000 years old and was inhabited during ancient times for about 50,000 years.

While studying the site of Tabon, many artifacts were found that gave archaeologists valuable information about the group of people that once lived in the caves.  Fossils of elephants and giant tortoises were found which meant that the ancient people were hunters of some kind. Hammers were found that were made out of cryptocrystalline quartz and river pebbles were found in the caves as well.  Tools made out of core and flaked stone reveals that the tools were made during the Old Stone Age because of how the tools were manufactured.

among the tools found in the Tabon caves are made of quartz & river pebbles

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