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@ THE 12-Minute SEX SOLUTION / Free Download
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Book/Mag Title: THE 12-Minute SEX SOLUTION
Month Issue: March 2019
No.of Pages: 128 Pages
File Format: HQ PDF
File Size: 88MB
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Sexual Health:
Recent studies suggest that both men and women can reach peak arousal in just 12 minutes- which means you can fit in a little sex-capade while the cupcakes are baking, or the kids are outside playing, or during half-time, or anytime you feel like it!
The secret lies in knowing some well-positioned techniques and moves, which is exactly what you'll find inside the pages of The 12-Minute Sex Solution.
Written by expert sex advice columnist Robin Westen, the 100 scenarios in this book give couples a real method for having great, more frequent sex, and a happier relationship and stronger intimacy as a result.