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yo! cris how 'bout givin me update on these celebs:
nini jacinto
pyar mirasol
let's put u on a test toast::

Aaaaah. . .Yeaaah. . .
Nini Jacinto and Pyar Mirasol. . .
Two of my fave sexy stars who rode the bold genre flickwagon in the late 90s.
NINI JACNTO was best known as a bold star who made movies even though there were already VHS & Betamax machines for their "titillating films" such as: Gigil (2000), Pukyutan (2001), Pisngi Ng Langit (2001) among others.
She started out as "Elli Rose Apple Zuniga" on the German Moreno Talent Show, "That's Entertainment" and went on to be re-discovered as Nini Jacinto on those sexy films.
Back to the present, she is now settled down with her own family and is very busy running a couple of businesses which she herself has put up.
PYAR MIRASOL is undoubtedly the cutest star among the batch of sexy stars in her time.
She also rode the "titillating films" era along with Nini Jacinto and other sexy stars.
She is known for these sexy films, Sa Iyong Mga Haplos (2001), Walang Iwanan, Peksman! (2002),  Masarap Ba Ang Bawal (2002) among others.
She was branded as the "Aborted Queen" after two of her controversial films: Butakal and Titina My Titina - were never released due to legal problems.
She has long left the limelight from making these films and she has now her own family to attend to just like all the other retired stars from that era of the "Golden Age of Philippine Sexy Movies" at the turn of the century. 


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ok cris.... toast:: :applause

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ok cris.... toast:: :applause
Sure thing, bro. . . anytime. . .
Hey, these are sexy Mara pics ala-FHM / Playboy.