Author Topic: FAITHFULNESS  (Read 460 times)

The Archangel

« on: October 27, 2017, 12:38:03 pm »

my faithfulness for you is never a flatter,
nor is it a short-lived glitter
for it is all i have for you,
deep in my aching heart that sees, only you.

though the frontiers seem rough
and the times turning so cold,
i know you still can find a beloved shelter,
in the love i selflessly offer.

for i hope to reach you,
and show you that in here,
what i have for you is real,
come near and i hope that you will finally feel.

my beloved and dearest treasure,
i know that time can only measure
my faithfulness that brings me back to you,
everytime i feel so blue,

though i know someday you'll see that i am always true...
and always for you. . .