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Fantasy Frontier PH (CBT)
« on: June 28, 2017, 02:57:07 am »

What is Fantasy Frontier?
Fantasy Frontier is also called Aura Kingdom. It is an anime type MMORPG from X-Legends and we have created a serious private server for you guys.

Why Play?
Our server is optimized for Filipino users and you will have from 20ms to 60ms latency and lagfree unlike the official servers. SEA Players are also welcome.
We have modified progressive rates from x3-x10 for EXP and x3-x5 for drops.

What Game Version?
We will start off with the first 8 Classes excluding Katar, Bow and Tachi which will be released soon.

HOws the team behind this?
We are composed of 6 individuals which are all programmers. And we think we can handle the game quite fair.

How to Play and Install?
Join our facebook page and read the pinned post here :