Author Topic: Hidden Cameras .. Could some really help cut corners ?!  (Read 4011 times)


Hidden Cameras .. Could some really help cut corners ?!
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:50:31 pm »
This might sound weird, but you gotta hear this..

I'm sure you too, when watching a prank on stars with Hidden Cameras or filming some confidentials deals with Spy Gadgets, that y'all wonder how this is possible or it might be fake, or how could they be fooled that easily.

I'd been wondering exactly as you but not after I've checked and tried these Hidden Cameras, so here I am at Espiya forum for you to help me understand .. I think I've never hurried to a forum that fast in order to see things by the right side.

Well, my point is I noticed even if I'm sort of tyro not to know where and how I should connect those Hidden Cameras I bought, I noticed they did exactly what it needs to be done as easily as ABC.

Thus if this happens with you guys too, then I'd very much like to appreciate such high tech devices and I'd think to set up a Youtube Channel for a beginner's luck.