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Pc Gaming
« on: June 11, 2017, 01:36:29 am »
Mga ka espiya tanong ko lang, ano ang pinakamagandang spec sa pc ngayon?


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ang tanong dyan is magkano budget mo and anong games lalaruin mo? kung unlimited then the best would be something like i7-6850k - 8cores 16 threads (or the higher 6900k) but take note if the game you are playing does not have the capability to utilize all the cores/threads, wala rin kwenta ang processor

for video card, best one right now is the GTX 1080ti (the titan xp is not worth it since performance gain is not significant but price difference is very significant)

so mga ganito ang best pc for gaming right now
i7-6850k - 600 usd
corsair h100i cooler - 100usd
ROG rampage V mobo - 550 usd
1TB M.2 SSD Samsung pro 960 - 600 usd
64GB DDR4 ram (or 128GB na kung gusto mo) - 500 usd
GTX 1080ti Asus strix  x2 for SLI (though the board can handle up to 4way SLI) - 800usd each
full tower casing - 200 usd

more or less mga 4k usd yan (200k php)


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wow.... 200k for a desktop.... drooling over the specs though...


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unang tanong dyan is budget kung kaya mo bumuga ng 100-200k

di mo naman need ng gtx 1080ti tbh kung 1080p monitor lang gagamitin mo mostly likely 4K monitors ginagamit yung 1080ti

1050-1070 na gtx cards lang pwede na kung single monitor lang na 1080p

you can go latest sa cpu or go with the old one that still can support the new graphics card out in the market

like the i7-4790k they are still good up to this day


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Kung pinaka magandang specs ang hanap mo, simple lang naman ang laging sagot dyan. Bilhin mo yung pinaka mahal na processor, graphics card, motherboard at power supply na kaya mo bilhin. Everything else like case, hdd/ssd and others, kahit yung mga midrange nalang. And while youre at it, bumili ka na din ng magandang display at speakers/headphone para mas feel na feel habang nag lalaro ka. At kung trip mo talaga mag tapon ng pera, bumili ka na din ng gaming mouse at mechanical keyboard.