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starcraft broodwar map
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mga ka idol saan po ba maka download ng big game hunters na map ng starcraft! thanks!


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di  na ba sya kasama sa expansion ng broodwar?


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throwback sa 90's  bnana

afaik nasa expansion ata na folder sya , pag may broodwar ka


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this map? kasama siya map pack  from may mga map archives yan dyan

October 9, 1998
The Hunt continues with Big Game resources. Terran Wildlife Services, in conjunction with LarsCorp Technologies, has announced the grand opening of their fantastic new hunting preserve known as "Big Game". Spawned from the overwhelming success of their "Hunters" park, this new preserve was created to provide an environment that is safe, controlled, and extremely challenging.

"Ballistic sporting has been so universally accepted that many citizens in the private sector have even created their own private hunting grounds," said Todd Coyle, chairman of the Committee for the Recreational Use of Sidearms and High-explosives (CRUSH). "This new facility has even more of what sportsmen have asked for, and we know the true 'Big Game Hunters' will quickly join in the fun."

128x128 Jungle World
Recommended for 2-8 players

wala pala download link dun sa site na yun, dito nalang sa kabila
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