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High latency for PLDT users?
« on: June 12, 2016, 08:24:23 am »
Its been days now where latency has been high for PLDT. While thats not really unusual for most PLDT users, those with high speed plans (i.e. Fibr, static IP users) rarely experience it. But for that past few days, even the fibr users have been experiencing high latency.

So, what is causing this? To be fair, the problem is not with PLDT itself, its with their international partner NTT which handles the traffic from PH to HK. as shown on a traceroute to, the problem is when the data goes through hop #7 (which is from NTT)

updated image - isolated all traffic to see better ping times

Ok so does this mean PLDT is not at fault then? NOPE. while the problem is not with PLDT itself, they can still be faulted for not expanding the capacity of data transmission. for example, the maximum capacity is say 1TB per second, but actual usage from PLDT users is say 1.5TB per second, the excess .5TB will be processed in the next second or so (hence the higher ping generated). That might not sound that bad since the data is still processed in a few microseconds but for gaming, thats pretty bad. That means lag spikes that are intermittent (everything is ok then next thing you know lag, then ok again, then lag again)

This problem has been around for years. From a few searches, I could find that it has been a problem at least since 2013 when people complained about DOTA2 lag times and people from valve actually contacted PLDT to try to fix the problem but here's what the Valve devs said

"We are in contact with PLDT. At this stage, it is no longer about optimizing the routes. It is about adding capacity. The direct links from PH to SG are just full. PLDT need to upgrade these links to improve your experience. It would be good if SmartBro and PLDT customers can put pressure on PLDT to improve their network. That will add more weight to our case if you can all express your issues to them at the same time.

The only thing that Starhub and Valve can do right now, is divert traffic away from the links to PH to reduce congestion during peak times. But this increases latency. So you can either have higher latency, or you can have lag/warping (high latency and packet loss due to congestion).

We are working on some other solutions to try and get around PLDT's international links. But I don't have any time frame on when that will happen."

So as early as 2013, PLDT should've already been aware that their capacity is already congested but they have either failed to increase it or have not increased it enough to meet the demand.

HOWEVER, it is noteworthy that PLDT does do some tweaking, similar to what the dev from Valve stated (diverting traffic). PLDT usually does this during nighttime, which is why you will notice you will have higher ping times at nighttime but its still ok (speed is not affected much just a bit higher ping - from less than 100ms to about 200ms for Asia/pacific servers).

Perhaps the guy in charge of diverting the traffic is on leave due to the holidays or perhaps the traffic is just too much already and PLDT has not upgraded its capacity to meet the demand.
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Re: High latency for PLDT users?
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Yup experienced it always on online game HON and DOTA 2, pag sa PLDT ako nag connect and playing online games sometimes it lags and back again to normal imagine 8MBps yong connection sa PLDT but when i try to connect to globe which is 3MBps only abay ganda ng laro ko hindi nag spikes...... Kaya pala congested pala sa PLDT hehehehhehe :D nice info. Sa globe na ako laging mag lalaro sa PLDT downloading nalang hehehehehhee :D


Re: High latency for PLDT users?
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sakin nga 50mbps dapat tong PLDT ko eh, kaso yun nga mas stable pa yung globe na 5mbps lang. kaso pag gabi wala yung globe sa umaga lang yun hahaha


Re: High latency for PLDT users?
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Akala ko nga sa amin lang lag ng PLDT eh, pangkalahatan pa pala hahahahhahaha :D


Re: High latency for PLDT users?
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over expansion may be the reason... at least i know the reason now...


Re: High latency for PLDT users?
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ever since ni roll out ni PLDT ang upgrade nila, mas marami ng nakaka experience ng high latency.

and unti unti na yata nilang sinishift CGNAT.


Re: High latency for PLDT users?
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sa side ko ganyan rin... nakaka experience ako ng high latency sa local game servers , ginagawa ko patay modem ng ilan minutes.. tapos ok.. hoping na mag iba ip range makuha ko


Re: High latency for PLDT users?
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one week na kaming mataas ang ping, ang up to 9mbps namin ngayong 4mbps na lang ang aabotin. Pahirapan din sa pag attach sa emails, hays