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Duterte bags Misuari endorsement
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The endorsement of another leader of a significant faction in Mindanao has called Mindanaons to support the Presidential bid of Mayor Duterte.

The former UP professor and MNLF chief has called on the tri-people of Mindanao to support he candidacy of Mayor Duterte during a recent gathering in Kidapawan Cotabato stating that “Duterte is very vocal in pursuing peace negotiations among the Bangsamoro people,” reads in a GMA News article.

According to GMA News, Misuari made the appeal by making use of technology and hiding some place safe.

Based on the report filed in GMA News, 500 people were gathered for the peace summit held inside Kidapawan City’s JC Complex. The crowd was composed of top MNLF leaders, Indigenous Peoples and Christians from various areas in Region 12.

Nur Misuari spoke to the people attending the peace summit via a crude phone patch, wherein the phone was attached to the loud speaker set up inside the conference room at the venue.

“Duterte could be the last hope for peace of the people of Mindanao,” said Misuari.

Huwag matakot, ibigay ang lahat ng inyong boto sa ating kapatid na si Rodrigo Duterte. Siya ang kandidato ng MNLF. (Don’t be afraid to lend your support to our brother Rodrigo Duterte. He is the candidate of the MNLF.

Datu Kautin Usman, MNLF Chief of staff in Central Mindanao based in Barangay Patadon, Kidapawan City, said he was taken aback by the MNLF Chairman’s endorsement.

It can be recalled that the MNLF did not endorse any candidate in past Presidential elections as it is non-partisan organization.

I was speechless then. Actually MNLF did not endorse any candidate but this time it was chairman Misuari announcing it in front of us.

The MNLF announced they will still meet on March 13. Until then, the final decision will be known.

The MNLF boasts they can still deliver votes to any candidate particularly in Central Mindanao because they command a sizable number and even in other places that will follow orders from our higher ups,” Usman added.


Re: Duterte bags Misuari endorsement
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hmmm... if the left wing is endorsing his candidacy, then let's hope it will be for real... no backstabbing please...