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Stock Market Investors
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:48:15 pm »
Magandang umaga mga kaespiya.

Meron po ba ditong guro pag dating sa stock market, shares at kung anu anu pa?

Just to share my thoughts on stock market.

People have 2 sources of income. Which is PASSIVE which comes from your regular jobs such as doctors, nurses, business man etc... appartments for rent and so on and so fort. and the other one is EXPONENTIAL INCOME, which comes from multiplying your income like that of investing in the stock market or real states. Many filipinos are dying to work in a certain company to earn a living. That is good because you have a passive income for you and your family. But this income is not sufficient enough to become a truly rich or let say gain financial freedom. Do you work on your retirement now? not yet? then youll have a problem when you retire. You'll depend on your children when that happens.. do you like that?
I guess not.

So please. I am not saying I know everything on this field. I just want to meet people with the same thinking as me. To learn new things and improve my financial education.

Thanks mga ka-espiya


Re: Stock Market Investors
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stock broker ka ba or insurance agent?