Author Topic: OFWs’ choice: Duterte wins overwhelming majority in expat magazine online poll  (Read 400 times)


DUBAI, UAE – Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte emerged as the top choice among the five presidential hopefuls in an online poll conducted by the expat magazine Illustrado early this month.

Illustrado is a Dubai-based Filipino lifestyle-community magazine that caters mainly to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the Middle East, as well as in other parts of the world.

In the online survey conducted between December 15 and 20, Duterte was the runaway winner with an overwhelming majority vote of 87% from 5,000 respondents from around 92 countries.

Most of the respondents are OFWs and balikbayans representing 82 percent; while 72 percent of the votes came from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA, Qatar, Kuwait, Japan, Bahrain, Australia, Oman, China, Malaysia, UK and New Zealand.

Among the candidates, only Duterte scored double-digit, while Santiago was far behind at second place with only 7 percent.

Ranked fourth is administration bet and Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Mar Roxas with 4 percent, followed by independent candidate Senator Grace Poe and Vice President and opposition bet Jejomar Binay.

The survey further showed that 38 percent of the respondents chose ‘discipline and strong rule’ as the most important consideration for choosing a president, while 25 percent chose ‘track record’, 18 percent ‘ability to facilitate real change’, and 13 percent ‘honest and will not be corrupted’.

Duterte and Santiago likewise scored high on ‘positive association category’, while the three other candidates topped the ‘negative association category’.

Duterte never scored lower than 64% in positive attributes such as ‘trusted/reliable track record’ (88%), ‘honest’ (89%), ‘potential to facilitate change’ (92%), ‘discipline/strong rule’ (93%), ‘democratic’ (64%) and ‘sympathy to people’s issues’ (87%).

On the other hand, Roxas is being perceived by respondents as ‘bad for the country’ (78%), ‘corrupt’ (67%), inept (84%), ‘weak’ (78%), ‘insensitive to people’s needs’ (88%) and ‘tyrant’ (64%).

It is interesting to note that Binay was perceived as ‘corrupt’ by only 59% compared to Roxas’ 67%. Poe was likewise considered ‘inexperienced’ by 67% of respondents.

Among issues that should be top priorities for the incoming President, corruption was chosen by 91%, crime by 70%, economy by 51%, peace by 42%, and 35% each for education, disaster response and management, and traffic.


people are really demanding for change.. and from the list of presidential aspirants, they see him as the one who could brought about change for the country...


kakabasa ko lang isang article about another survey... 1500 sample, nationwide, grace poe no.1, duterte no.4... kakatawa magbasa ng comments... mga grace poe tuwang tuwa... sinerseryo 1500 sample


Kung yun ngang mga Duterte fans e sinoryoso yung 200 respondents na number 1 si Duterte e. Nagtaka ka pa. At least sila mas madami naman daw yung 1.5k lol  ::laffman