Author Topic: which is better for a 112w Appliance: a 150w or 350w 110v Stepdown Transformer?  (Read 4239 times)


so my xbox one is from Canada so 110v sya, i tried a 500w PC AVR na may 110v di kinaya when i start playing games namamatay lang Xbox and super init ng AVR, then i teried a 150w Stepdown Transformer, it worked fine except it was so hot you could not touch it tapos may nagpahiram sakin ng 350w Transformer na medyo tolerable to the touch and init

for those who know more about Electricity ir are Electrical Engineers please clarify..

QUESTION: sino ang mas matipid sa kuryente 150w(and below) or 350w(and above) for something that consumes 112w

meron din kami dito Panther 2000w Stepdown ginamit ko dati sa PS3 until i found out autovolt pala


Hi Masterchief,

In electrical systems, the ideal maximum load that you put into the system is 50%. It is NOT recommended that you maximize the rated power capability.

Sa pagiging mas matipid sa kuryente, hindi naman nagkakalayo ang consumption (system loss) ng 150W and 350W. On no-load condition, mas matipid ang 150W, since mas maliit (mas kaunting components, mas maiksing windings, etc). But given na 112W yung load mo, masyado nang overworked ang 150W AVR. This is the reason na masyado na syang mainit. And yung init na yun, also consumes power. So in our case, you're better off using the 350W AVR. HIndi ibig sabhin na 350W sya, ay 350W lagi ang kakainin nya na power. It depends on your load.

This is like comparing a 1.3L car vs a 1.6L car. If lagi kayong puno sa sasakyan, or aakyat kayo ng Baguio, 1.6L its better. But on very traffic situations (naka-idle lang most of the time), mas matipid ang 1.3L.



Also, prone to failure na yung 150W AVR. Baka masunugan ka pa ng bahay if left unattended.