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Rachel McAdams 'audition tape' for the 'Notebook'
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Take a moment when you realize that it's been 10 years since the movie version of Nicholas Sparks' novel The Notebook was released and we fell is love with one of the most epic love stories of our time. Allie and Noah ... *insert dreamy sigh here* ... we all want a love like that, don't we?  ::inlove

Anyway, in honor of the anniversary, Rachel McAdams' audition tape has been released, and it couldn't be more clear why she got the role. It's just her on film, but Ryan Gossling (who had already been cast) can be heard off camera reading lines. McAdams was a total unknown at this point in her career, but the magic she brought to the screen bringing Allie to life made her unmistakably the right choice.

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 :applause ::flowers

She is just so amazing, and this clip is amazing, and if it didn't bring tears to your eyes watching her walk away from a man who loved her so clearly and so fully, then we probably can't be friends. :D Either that or you're a man who doesn't understand the female obsession with this movie. :P

McAdams almost didn't even get a chance to even audition for the part though. She was a "last minute addition" to a group of nine other "well known" girls reading for the part.

Director Nick Cassavetes said of the actresses "some of them were really, really great, but when Ms. McAdams came in and read it was apparent that she was the one." He admitted, "I didn't know who she was ... It was somebody who was a last-minute audition and you think, 'God I hope this one works out."

I'd say yup, it worked out.

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