Author Topic: anyone playing SUMMON MASTERS on Android  (Read 4190 times)


anyone playing SUMMON MASTERS on Android
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your typical Team PVE or Team PVP game on mobile thats probably the best of its kind of game out there where you make a team of heroes for Questing and PVP and another set for Defending against other players who PVP challenge you

i originally though it was kiddie but playing it is very addicting, its the redundant Clear Area for quest game but there is a PVP are and a BOSS Battle area where you can awaken Boss level enemies and fight them with the help of your alliances aka other Players

you can equip your heroes with weapons and Level up your heroes and weapons by sacrificing heroes and weapons you pick up during the game

heres the jist of the game

add me up as an ally IGN: Guild63

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Re: anyone playing SUMMON MASTERS on Android
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lemme fix that

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