Author Topic: Arizona's Spicing Up Their Stadium Food; Chicago Has A Sweet Treat For Fans  (Read 4545 times)


It looks like 2014 is shaping up to be a very good year for baseball fans who also happen to be stadium snack food aficionados. The Arizona Diamondbacks already have their best-seller, the Sonoran Dog ($7.00). Now they've added two new items to their menu.

If all that spiciness makes you want something cold, you can always get a frozen beer ($7.75) at the Texas Rangers' home field. The beer--served at a frosty 20.5 degrees Fahrenheit--also goes well with their maple-syrup-dipped, Hungarian-smoked, three-quarter-inch-thick bacon-on-a-stick ($7.00). 

To top it all off, head to Chicago where the White Sox will happily offer you their three-pound banana split sundae ($17.00).

Enjoy your meal, mes amis!

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