Author Topic: Will There Be A Players' Union In The U.S. NCAA?  (Read 4572 times)


Will There Be A Players' Union In The U.S. NCAA?
« on: March 26, 2014, 10:48:46 pm »
The idea of a collegiate version of the National Basketball Players' Association may have taken a significant step towards becoming a reality.

The National Labor Relations Board's Chicago branch handed down a ruling yesterday declaring that the Northwestern University football team are employees of the school and are therefore within their rights to organize a union. The case for unionization was brought to the NLRB by the Collegiate Athletes Players Association, the United Steelworkers union, and former NU Wildcats quarterback Kain Colter.

Northwestern's lawyers, of course, plan to appeal the ruling all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary. But legal analyst Lester Munson doesn't think that the university will have an easy time challenging the NLRB's decision.

Despite their victory, however, the Wildcats shouldn't be celebrating yet, says senior writer Ivan Maisel. And other schools shouldn't see this case as a portent of their future. In fact, the NU football players' bid for unionization is but one of many legal battles taking place in collegiate sports at present. Whatever consequences these battles may bring remains to be seen.
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