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Shaq spend $1K a week on Apps
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The retired basketball player, speaking to The Wall Street Journal’s Evelyn Rusli, said his constant search to find the next cool thing in technology brings him in contact with new companies all the time.

In his quest to be the first to have a new technology, for example, O’Neal said he called Steve Jobs before the first iPhone release to see if he could get the new phone early. (Jobs said no.)

These days, he searches the app store, buying deer-hunting games.

“I probably spend $1,000 on apps a week,” he said.

OH Shaqs! 

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Re: Shaq spend $1K a week on Apps
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I suppose spending a thousand dollars a week on computer applications is relatively better than spending as much on narcotics or alcohol. If I remember correctly, Ozzy Osbourne used to blow a thousand dollars a day on Cohiba cigars alone before he went down Sobriety Road.

Off-topic but somewhat amusing comic book trivia: back in the late '80's to early '90's, the starting salary for a member of Marvel's Avengers was one thousand dollars a week. Spider-Man tried joining the group for the added income to help his Aunt May with daily expenses but was red-flagged by the Avengers' government liaison (Henry Gyrich, if my memory serves me correctly) because he was wanted by the New York City Police Department (although the cops weren't really doing much to arrest him whenever they saw him).
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Shaq LINKEDIN page:Owner,a lot of companies
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SHAQ HAS A LINKEDIN PAGE. His current position is "Owner, A lot of companies." A rep for him has confirmed that it's real.