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A Kingdom Too Far
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A Paramore inspired piece :)


She labored on the spinning wheel
And turned thread into gold
Oh the Queen with a heart of steel
For no longer needed, she was sold

And the clock struck twelve
A princess ran for her heart
As the monster from her closet
Has decided to take her apart

And the shoe has fell from one foot
Blindly finding her way in the forest of thieves
She bled as she stepped on a thorned root
And the big bad wolf followed her while she tries to leave

And the witch has lured her
Who wants to kill her in a heart beat
And she smelled chocolates and boiling water
Inside the evil house of sweets

The apple was poisoned
For her to fall in a sleep of unending trance
While the vampires are lurking
And a twisted leprechaun danced

And she escaped the tower with her lengthy hair
And ran like she cannot stop
And found herself way isolated
Way far on the mountain top

And she hid and disguised herself
Too dirty to gain a look from the evil queen
Too ugly to be noticed by her prince
Too dull to be even seen

Breathing but alone
Healthy but with a heart of stone
And there she was alive but too scared
For all the monsters are real in her own damned fairytale

For she has uncovered the truth
That there is no such thing as a happy ending
To her kindness, evil has taken its fruit
To be alive, for herself she has to keep on fending

But at night when she's surrounded with the stars
Her heart aches in so much sadness and defeat
And wishes that the heavens erase her scars
So she can still hear her own heart to once again beat
Loved the Beard :)


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 ::flowers ::flowers ::flowers
Rom 1:23  At pinalitan nila ang kaluwalhatian ng Dios na hindi nasisira, ng isang katulad ng larawan ng tao na nasisira, at ng mga ibon, at ng mga hayop na may apat na paa, at ng mga nagsisigapang.


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Loved the Beard :)