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I Needed That
« on: January 03, 2014, 03:06:03 am »
I needed that, I needed to see
Baby, I needed to know where this would lead me
I stand here stunned and awed and mellow
All because of that smile and a simple hello

Forget the nightmare we have went through
Baby, after all, all I needed was you
Treasuring the past to forge a new tomorrow
All that was worth it, the tears, the joys, and even the sorrow

So hold my hand, entwine it with yours
Baby, like gravity, this is moved by force
And I know I am bound no matter what I do
No matter how far, I just always end up finding you

I’ve taken all other roads, and yet the path stirs clear
Baby, your voice, is all I really would ever hear
It leads me back to all those precious years
And this heart, with you, knows no darkness nor fear

Whatever this is, whatever it would be
Baby, all you need is ask, and you have all of me
No more waiting, no more further ado
To that question, my answer is an absolute “I do.”

Loved the Beard :)