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Setting of the Sun
« on: October 12, 2013, 10:27:01 am »
If I write to the moon
will the message reach it before daybreak
Crossing all the T's, when you can't read it
what possible difference could it make

If I dance to the fireflies
will the rhythm move them to light
Following the beat, when you're not watching
what else can we do that's not right

If I sing to the stars
will the melody fall on deaf ears
Playing the notes, when you're not listening
only heightens the false and the fears

If I sit and watch the bonfire
will anyone notice the lack of my presence
Getting there on time, when you don't care
just worsens the obvious lack of essence

And if I walk away and follow the tides
will someone come running after to stop me
Staying while it's funny, when no one else laughs
only goes to show there's nothing else left to see

But the truth is...

It hurt my eyes and now it's dried
I'm tired of staring when it's not longer fun
I now see that you took every thing from me
While I was blindly following the setting of the sun
Loved the Beard :)