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20111708 - Law & Order is Entertainment
« on: September 24, 2013, 06:03:49 am »
Never blame the countrymen, no you shall never do.
It was always the unfair law served to both me & you.
The King and the people circles his throne didn’t really care.
To what peasants like us needed, all we can do is stare.

It is him and their lust for power that brought us here.
In this economy where the merchants sell bodies and the slaves steal.
Their constitution and their laws never gave the jobs that we deserved.
So we had to get away in order to save up some reserves.

Our families & friends are enslaved within their greed and power.
No, we can’t do anything as they sit well while upbringing their tower.
Fellow countrymen were blinded by their decieving act of heart.
When all they ever cared was their gold right from the start.

When he bequeaths his crown, nothing will ever change.
As long as His bylaws were always approved to stay.
An intelligient plan orchestrized behind the mind of his supporters.
Where we, the nation, the countrymen gets to suffer.

Hear me out, whenever you would want to speak again.
Try destroying what your kind have done for this kingdom to withstand.
Don’t just sit your ass there and talk about your social life or something.
Cos frankly, Mr. President, no one really cares about the girl you’re dating.


Bale nung santaon pa po naisulat to. Heheh.
Gusto ko lang po malaman insights nyo kunsakaleng meron.
Salamat.  ;D